Meat Puppets and Grilled Cheese

Chelsea's Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Holy cow! Meat Puppets are playing at Chelsea’s in Baton Rouge in September, too cool.

We were tying to eat our way through Baton Rouge yesterday using Jay’s “Best of 225” selections as a restaurant guide, but with little success. Our first stop was Tramonte’s Meat and Seafood for their world famous burgers, but we arrived 15 minutes before they were closing (7pm on a Saturday!). We didn’t want to be ‘those people’ who pop in just as the staff are ready to go home, so we headed over to Fleur De Lis (which didn’t make Jay’s list, but we had heard good things. It was recommended to me by CheekyCherry.) Square pizza! Who knew? Not this New Yawker. But Fleur De Lis was closed for some reason.

By this time we were both starving and getting on each others nerves, so we went with Plan ‘C’. Chelsea’s.

Cool little place, totally laid back serving your typical southern pub grub at a very fair price (It was cheap!). We started with the fried green tomatoes with remoulade, which were awesome, and we both ordered the grilled cheese sandwich (6 cheeses on homeade focaccia bread!) with the tomato basil soup, because, well, that’s apparently what you do the first time you visit Chelsea’s. The grilled cheese was the best I’d ever had. The soup was not my thing, felt like it should be served over angle hair pasta, but it was perfect for dunking the mammoth grilled cheese in!

I used to run a nightclub back in the day featuring live bands, so I’m looking forward to catching some shows there and exploring the rest of the menu.

Meet Puppets at Chelsea's Baton Rouge

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