Mansurs on the Boulevard

Cedar Roasted Redfish

We started with the charbroiled oysters and a wedge salad. The oysters were okay…a bit tiny, but what was there was full of flavorful. The wedge salad was made with a fresh and chilly lettuce and seeded tomatoes, drizzled with a perfectly mild blue cheese dressing. Wonderful. The Creole Chicken Piccata was cooked perfectly, topped with a well balanced lemon/butter/caper sauce and accompanied by the house risotto. A home run, though the risotto was a little overdone (gluey). The Redfish was flaky and delicious, but perhaps a bit over-salted…might be a Southern thing that this northern palate just hasn’t adjusted to yet. The capers were a nice touch, adding a very subtle tangy/sour/lemony flavor.

Overall, a good experience. We’ll definitely return.

Creole Chicken Piccata

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