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Six hours after visiting Tramonte’s and devouring their ginormous burgers, Jody and I were still so full that we ditched our dinner plans at Parrain’s in search of ice cream.

For a city that averaged 100 degree temperatures this week, I really thought there would be TONS of ice cream shops in town to choose from, but it was slim-pickings unless we wanted to visit a national chain (BTW, we support local). Not to worry though, we found Oscar’s Ice Cream and Pizza Joint.

We walked in and the place was full of 20-somethings (I’m 40-something), both staff and customers. We thought we were in trouble, but holy cow the staff was so attentive and courteous and nice, they were totally great. The ice cream is homemade, and the pizza’s are made-to-order and hand-tossed, and they use local ingredients whenever possible. Our kind of place!

When my butter pecan ice cream came, I had to make a jugement call and decide whether I was going to carry it to a better light source so I could take a picture for the blog (It’s dark in there, lit with little tea candles). I decided to go for it and picked up the bowl and headed to a well-lit hall way. Turns out everyone in the restaurant was watching and thought it was hilarious and gave me the ‘thumbs-up’ as I returned.

The ice cream was wonderful. Creamy, not too sweet. They didn’t have a big selection, maybe 6 flavors, but we both found one we liked.

A couple of beers later (yes, beer (Abita Amber) and ice cream are a perfect combo), we decided to get a pizza to go in case we got hungry later. We did get hungry, and the pizza was great, too. The crust was thin in the middle NYC-style, the crust chewy and a little thick, and the sauce was slightly sweet. Bits of garlic and oregano and parsley were baked right in, perfect.

Comfort food for foodies. I dug it.

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  1. Oscar's Pizza Joint
    Jul 14, 2011

    Thanks so much for the love!! We have spent this year re-evaluating our responsibilities as a local business in the Baton Rouge area, and it is so nice to share the growing experience with you! We have made a lot of conscious changes this year for the betterment of the collective. We also focus our time on inserting enormous amounts of positive energy on top of local homemade unique cuisine that is out of this world. Thanks for sharing your love!! It is much appreciated and returned!

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